Since 1948

Industrias Josper S.L. was born as a family business in the year 1948, founded by Mr. JOSÉ PÉREZ RUIZ, and since then, for over 70 years, is dedicated to the manufacture of seats for different sectors, both in Spain and in more than 50 countries where there are facilities of its brand.

Josper-años 70

At present the 2nd and 3rd generation runs the company, combining academic and technical knowledge with their own experience of the continuous exercise of their activity, thus achieving a perfect organization.

“JOSPER” owned brand, is now known around the world and by the media professionals in our industry, is synonymous with quality, security and good treatment.

Our factory is located in southeastern Spain, in Alicante province, twenty minutes from the international airport, thirty minutes from the high-speed train station and five minutes from the motorway AP-7, which runs along the coast Mediterranean.

One of the values most appreciated by all of our clients is that the installation of the seats we manufacture is made by our staff, which besides the perfect knowledge of the productive processes, gets continuous technical training.

Our qualities


We combine design and style with resistance, comfort and quality. Combining the extensive experience of our production to the guidelines of the project, thus cuting-edge reliably products.


In Josper we committed to the improvement of competitiveness and the quality of our products. That’s why we consider a fundamental part of our work the developing of new ideas and systems to apply. Our development and innovation team is constantly researching and applying new solutions to achieve our objective, provide a good product quality at the same time innovative.


Whenever it´s possible, the technical teams of own training carry out the installation of our seats, to any destination, national or international. That allows us to guarantee not just the quality of our products, but also a correct mounting, important paragraph of the installation’s performance.

Our quality

In INDUSTRIAS JOSPER, S.L. there is a deep knowledge of the services comprising the basis of our activity and the importance of contributors, clients and suppliers. They help us in a constantly review of projects and ideas with the only purpose of improving them. This forces us to strive and excel for getting a better product performance and service, endlessly searching for the maximum satisfaction to our clients.

The INDUSTRIAS JOSPER, S.L. management is totally convinced that the progress and the challenges that are involved in our activity development, creates the need of innovate constantly. Is for that why we implement systems with which we evolve and that allows us to cover the market demands with total guarantee of success.

The new management models to which we refer has two basic pillars on which they base their foundations:  Quality and environment.

Those systems set specifications are based in the perception necessary for the client needs having as a goal the improving of the operational processes and the service delivery.
From INDUSTRIAS JOSER, S.L. we are confident that the new models based on the management systems of quality and environment serves not only as a tool but a common base for our activities and processes development. Thus they help us to indentify targets efficiently.


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