Sofía Cinemas 700

Seat to adapt in cinema complex.

Technical features

  • Metal sides with inner structure of electro-welded steel profile with continuous threads.
  • Metal parts with thermohardened epoxi powder coating.
  • Upholstered armrests.
  • Ergonomic cushion in cold-molded polyurethane foam, high density.
  • Automatic tip-up seat with double springs, soundless, no maintenance required and tested for more than 500.000 cycles.

Measurements and dimensions

The measurements of the Sofía model can be variable, always respecting a minimum of premises.. Consult us without obligation, we will be happy to assist you.

700 Sofia cotas

Sofía series 700

See the variations and references of the series

Sofía 705


measures Sofía 705

Sofía 710


measures Sofía 710

Sofía 715

Sofía 715

measures Sofía 715

Sofía 720

Sofía 720

measures Sofía 720

720 Sofia cotas

Sofía 722

Sofía 722

measures Sofía 722

722 Sofia cotas

Sofía 723

Sofía 723

measures Sofía 723

723 Sofia cotas

Sofía 725

Sofía 725

measures Sofía 725

725 Sofia cotas

Sofía 730

Sofía 730

measures Sofía 730

730 Sofia cotas

Sofía 732


measures Sofía 732

732 Sofia cotas

Sofía 735

Sofía 735

measures Sofía 735

Projects with the Sofía model

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